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Through the direction of her spiritual advisor Fr. David, Jennifer was asked to put these out on the website to share with the world. This is a special release of messages.

2021 Messages


My Child, I am Jesus, the light of the world. Just as I came into the world over two thousand years ago and laid in a manger, today I quietly rest in the tabernacles of the world. Each time my children come to Mass and genuflect before Me, you are paying homage to your King and Savior just as the three wise men. Open your hearts to receive and fulfill the will of your Heavenly Father just as My Mother did. She surrendered her life to the divine plan. The greatest way to honor your Heavenly mother is to come and adore her Son, for I am Jesus.

I tell my children to come receive me into your hearts and allow my light to emanate the rays of my love through you because it is the light that can never be extinguished.

Come, my children, come and seek me as the wise men did. Follow the light and never let the sources of darkness lead you in the wrong direction. Ask for the graces needed during this time and live the Gospel message. Now go forth, for I am Jesus and be at peace, for my mercy and justice will prevail.


My child, I ask My children that each day at the hour of mercy, beginning on the first Sunday of Advent and continuing until the Feast Day of My Divine Mercy, that my children would recite one chaplet for those who are not prepared to meet me at their hour of death.

I ask My children to also recite one Rosary, particularly at this hour, if possible, praying for protection of families while meditating on the mysteries.

I ask My children to recite the St. Michael prayer for strength and protection from the enemy’s attacks.

Now go forth and tell the world of my requests, for I am Jesus, and my mercy and justice will prevail.

(For those unaware, the hour of mercy is at 3:00PM)


My child, It will be the voices of My children who will come to silence the enemy. The battle for my little ones began as I laid in a manger long ago and has proceeded to the womb of mothers. There are many Herod’s who roam this earth and they know that their time is rapidly diminishing. Do you not see when events begin to accelerate at great pace it is because the enemy is fearful of losing his power over my people? My Children, I already won great victory for you through My Passion, Death and Resurrection. You have nothing to fear if you atone for your sins and come to My great fountain of mercy. This time of division cannot continue. The days of great mourning will come but it is also followed by great victory. Turn to your mother, My Children, and follow her example because when you take refuge in her, you take refuge in Me, for I Am Jesus, and it is My mercy and justice that will prevail.

7:40 AM

My child, this world is greatly divided. There are those who trust out of fear and there are those who fear to trust. You are to love the Lord your God with all of your heart, mind, and soul, your whole being without reservation. When a soul lacks any of these things, it cannot truly trust. In order to trust, you must surrender everything. Take heed to Adam and Eve—they had everything yet failed to trust the plan of My Father. This world is soon to perish into great turmoil for its lack of trust and surrendering to fear. I am not the God of fear, I am the Prince of Peace. The days of great mourning are coming. Many will not be able to seek My Mercy because they do not truly know it. Mothers will yearn for their children and fathers will weep because they will see how they have blindly trusted the author of deception. This world is in great need of My Visitation. This world needs to take the pleas of My Mother and recognize that it is only by taking her hand that you will be guided to her son, for I Am Jesus. Where will you run, My children, when the great wall of water ushers in new coastlines and cities that once were are no longer? Where will you take refuge when the great shaking begins and will echo all around this world? What will you surrender to when you see the deception that you have allowed your soul to be guided into when the true labor pains begin? My children, your only refuge is in My Most Sacred Heart. It is time to surrender to the truth and turn away from a world that seeks to devour your heart, mind, and soul. The devil uses the mind to trick the body to trap the soul. If you allow Me to take refuge in your heart and the Holy Spirit to guide you, then you have nothing to fear. Now go forth, for I am Jesus, and be at peace for My Mercy and Justice will prevail.






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