Words from Jesus
All questions are answered by Jennifer's spiritual advisor (a Roman Catholic priest).
1. Question:  Is Jennifer a Catholic?

Answer:  Yes, Jennifer is a baptized Roman Catholic and has received the Sacraments of Penance, Eucharist and Confirmation.  Jennifer and her family attend Mass every Sunday and Holy Day of obligation.  She is in good standings with the faith.

2.  Question:  Are her writings (whatever the source) approved by the local bishop?

Answer:  Jennifer receives messages that are known as private revelation.. That means that they are not necessary for salvation.  Scripture is public revelation and that is where we look for the teachings from Christ Jesus for our eternal salvation.  In regard to private revelation that she is receiving, the local ordinary is aware of the messages and the Church has neither approved or disapproved the messages.

3.  Question:  Are her visions, locutions, writings, etc., subjected to scrutiny and has she been found to be a genuine mystic?

Answer:  Jennifer has gone through no scrutiny or investigation by the Church authorities.  She receives spiritual direction and she prayerfully discerns the messages with her advisor.  Moreover, she haS gone to Rome twice to meet with a Vatican official who reviewed the messages and affirmed her and the messages

4.  Question:  Why is her biographical data given on the internet so sketchy as compared to, say that of Vassula Ryden, Christina Gallagher, etc.?

Answer:  The reason why she has posted no photograph of herself and given more information, at this time, is because she has a family with four young children.  She also is being advised to give the messages to the world, but to keep herself in the background.  As John the Baptist said, "He must increase and I must decrease."

5.  Question:  Are all these "safe places of refuge" going to be churches only or can they also be houses? And will the person know in advance if their home or church is one of these places?

Answer:  The messages speak that angels will lead you to your place of refuge.  The places of refuge are places that are consecrated to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.  Have your local priest bless your home and have blessed articles like a crucifix and candle.

6.  Question:   I am wondering if any elaboration can be given as to the warning, specifically, are the souls that are in a state of grace going to see their past forgiven mortal sins?  Or will each soul see only the sins that are still upon their soul, venial, etc?

Answer:  The Church teaches that after a person is baptized, all of their sins, including temporal punishment, are erased.  In regard to sinning after baptism, mortal sins are forgiven ordinarily through confession. Once a sin is forgiven, the soul still has to deal with temporal punishment.  Purgatory is a "place" where the soul, after death, is able to take care of temporal punishment before one is able to enter heaven. At the illumination of the soul, the person will see the soul the way God sees it.  The person will see any unconfessed sins and also temporal punishment.

7.  Question:  Jennifer claims that the fall of one chosen to lead is rapidly approaching, but she made this claim over a month ago. Do you really think that people will continue to listen or give any credence to Jennifer if you keep saying that something is going to happen, but it never takes place?

Answer:  The words from Jesus are on God's time and not man's time.  The messenger is asked to write the words from Jesus and is not given specific times and dates (as of yet).

8.  Question:  Could Jennifer intercede to Jesus for my son who is suffering much at this time for healing and conversion of our family that they come back to their true Catholic Faith 

Answer:  Yes, Jennifer will pray for your son and your family.  She will also offer her suffering up to Jesus for them.

9.  Question:  Do you recommend that most/all Catholic adults have a spiritual director as you are for Jennifer? It seems to me that one cannot have too much solid spiritual guidance these days...

Answer:  Yes, I recommend that you have a spiritual director and meet with him once per month or more if necessary. The Church, in her wisdom, uses the confessional as an opportunity for the laity to receive some ongoing spiritual direction.
10.  Question:  You speak of the antichrist - do you happen to know who that is?

Answer:  No, not yet. Some say, however, that it might be the chip inserted in people. Others say that it is pornography. Still others say anybody who leads you away from Christ (hence the word: antichrist).

11.  Question: Has Jennifer in any message received any information concerning the Mass and Sacraments after 1967 or so? I believe and I am not an expert that the Mass has been Protestantized and the Sacraments maybe suspect - The Ordination rite of Priest's, etc was changed and as we all are aware of the Mass now faces the people and is very irreverent compared to the Mass codified by St Pius V in his bull.

Answer: Yes, Jennifer has received messages concerning the Mass and Sacraments. Jesus is constantly inviting us to go to Mass and receive His Body and Blood. He is inviting us to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) on a regular basis. In regard to liturgy, Jesus clearly points out to us that when we go to Mass (whether it be the Novus Ordo or the Tridentine) we are receiving His Body and Blood. Jesus also points out in the messages that we, especially the chosen sons, are called to follow the Holy Father and his direction. Please trust Holy Mother Church in her mission to offer Mass and Sacraments that are reverant and valid.
12.  Question: Why does it take so long (sometimes over 2 weeks) to get the messages out?

Answer:  Jennifer is married and has four young children and this keeps her very busy. The messages are very important, but her vocation (wife and mother) comes first. Please have patience with Jennifer and the people who assist her in
making these messages known to the world.

13.  Question: For many years I have wanted to really know Jesus. I have returned to the Church and my prayers to God
are that I will feel his presence and become closer to him. Is this possible? Does God really hear me?

Answer: Yes, God really hears you. The Church teaches that one should stay close to the Sacraments because they are dispensers of God's grace. When you "feel" God you are experiencing grace (the faith, however, is not based on feelings and some may never "feel" God yet they can be very close to Him). To really know Jesus, one should be repentant of their sins (Sacrament of Reconciliation), and also invite Jesus into their heart in a "real" way (Sacrament of Eucharist)

14.  Question:  How do I learn to pray? I am saying the words, but keep getting distracted. How do I connect?

Answer:  You are experiencing a common challenge in prayer. "To set about hunting down distractions would be to fall into their trap, when all that is necessary is to turn back to our heart: for a distraction reveals to us what we are attached to. Therein lies the battle, the choice of which master to serve" (*CCC, #2729). The best way to learn
how to pray is by learning more about the virtue of humility.

15.  Question: Is the warning going to happen in our lifetime? Do you have any idea how soon? I want to believe in the warning and I hope and pray it will be soon because I don't want my children to grow up in the world the way it is going.

Answer:  In the messages, Jesus is asking His people to be prepared today. No one knows the hour or the day so live your life as if you will meet God today. If you are in the state of grace (free from mortal sin), you have nothing to fear. Jesus asks us to teach our children about the 10 Commandments and to live lives of Beatitude. So, if you are living this kind of life, be at peace and be filled with joy. Do not be afraid because Jesus is with you. If you are teaching your children how to live this kind of life, they will beacons of light for others. And remember, a few fishermen changed millions of hearts for the better.
16.  Question: I fully believe the messages and believe that we are in the time spoken of as the tribulation, and I know Jesus and Mary tell us to be not afraid for fear doesn't come from God. How do we handle the fear that is naturally present, from God or not, for our families and our children who do not believe and are far from God. I do pray but what else is there. What does Jennifer do, knowing what she does and has a young family?

Answer: Jennifer prays constantly for her family and friends. She also remains in the state of grace so there is nothing to fear. When she feels that she has to do more than prayer, she will often fast and do other kinds of penances. So, along with prayer, try to skip a meal for the conversion of your family.
17.  Question: I have been hearing about chastisements for many years now. Most of the people I work with are good people, but they all live lives contrary to the Commandments. They have sex outside of marriage, live together, use contraceptives, have abortions, and are pro-choice. Am I supposed to be sharing these messages? Most of them claim to be Christian, but view my beliefs to be way too conservative. I try to set an example, but it doesn't seem to make any difference. I feel very much a misfit at work. What does Jesus want me to do? I pray for them.

Answer: Jesus wants you and everyone to be his friends. How do we know that we are his friends? He said to keep his Commandments. I encourage you to keep being a beacon of light for your friends and co-workers.

18.  Question: I read Jesus' words through Jennifer. I feel like I have been awakened (why I do not know) but my faith is small and I feel I am battling for my soul from the devil who puts doubts in my mind. Can she say a prayer for my faith or ask Jesus personally to strengthen my faith?

Yes, Jennifer can and does pray for you and all of those who send her emails and those who read the messages. Ask the Holy Spirit to deepen your faith and He will guide you. The devil tries to distract us from God so continue to persevere in following the 10 Commandments, going to Mass and going to confession often.

19.  Question: Why would Christ say we are destroying Him? Nothing is greater than God, nothing can destroy Him!

Answer: The reason why Christ says that we are destroying Him is because we are pushing Him out of our lives and our world. Christ is referring to His Body the Church (He is the head and the People of God are the body). When we are not following the Commandments and are not abiding in His love, we, in a sense, destroy Christ.

Please send your questions to the website and I will continue to answer them as they come about.  I hope that you keep us in prayer as we are all part of the same family, the Body of Christ.

*Catechism of the Catholic Church