Words from Jesus
My child, it is important that my people realize that those who choose to represent themselves to the world by showing off their bodies will stand before me.  Those who choose to show these images to my young people will see each and every soul that they tempted into grave sin.  My people, your life is a mission, you are not put on this earth to serve your own selfish desires.  You are not on this earth to fill yourself with worldly things.  My people there are so many souls who have fallen in this trap and so many of them will come running when they witness their soul the way I see it.  My child, come walk with me, for I will assist you on your journey to heaven.  My child I do not give you these sufferings as a punishment, I give these sufferings because they are purifying you.  My child do not become discouraged for these words will help assist my souls to the way of the cross.  These messages are a way for many to realize they need to change their ways before I shake this earth.  My child many will criticize you for your willingness to speak the truth.  That is why I have blessed your voice for my people will hear the warmth of my love coming through.  My people listen to these words I give, for I am the way, I am the truth.  I will not present you to my Father until you present to me a  clean and pure heart.  My people this world is so temporary and though your trials and sufferings may seem large, your soul is the most important thing for I can call you home at anytime.  My child, do not allow yourself to become filled with doubt for that is where the devil can steer you into his trap rather turn to me for help and I will assist you always.  Now go forth and do as I have asked and remember I am always with you.  Now be at peace.

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