Words from Jesus
My child, Tell my people not to alter these messages to the ways of the world. For each and every word has a special meaning. My messages are each given to you so this world can prepare for the hour ahead. Each word is a piece of the puzzle and when you leave out a piece of the puzzle you do not get the full picture. My people, this is the hour and just as I gave Adam and Eve the direction not to eat of the bad fruit I am again telling you that the ways of the world are bad fruit and will only lead you to the fires of hell. My people listen to the messages and do not alter them for the words will speak to you in a way that will bring you closer to me, closer to the kingdom. My people, it is those of you who chose to alter my words are the same ones who pick and chose my commandments. You are not the final judge I am. These messages my people speak the truth that your lives are not pleasing to me. Those of you who spend your time altering my words are the ones wasting your opportunity to prepare and you will become the lost sheep in the night. My people, listen to Your Shepherd for these words are for all my flock. These words are for the world, for all mankind. You are seeing a rise in your storms and earthquakes and yet so many of you are sitting and waiting for more to come. If you are sitting and waiting then you will not be prepared for when I shake this earth. If you are becoming luke warm to the evil around you, then you are not truly living the way of the cross. My people to many today have no respect for life, for so many of my people kill their brothers and sisters out of hate that they do not realize how the mission of that soul was not completely fulfilled. Part of your mission my people is to nurture and cleanse your soul. Do not become the lost sheep in the night, rather follow the path of the saints and live your faith so you can join Your Shepherd in the kingdom. My people persevere and join hands and unite yourself with the cross. My child, continue to write these messages for the world, for I bring these words for all my people because I love each one of you. Now go forth and continue to do as I have asked and remember to trust in me for I am Jesus now go forth in peace.

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