Words from Jesus
JUNE 2003
2:40 p.m.
My child, do not become discouraged for your prayers are being heard. Every time you speak to me with your heart I share in your happiness and pain. My child, you must not become distracted by the ways of the world but keep your focus on me. My child, I continue to give you these words so you can share these words with my people. I continue to give you these words for so many continue to reject me. My child, continue to pray, for there are so many souls in danger. Pray, for there are so many not following my commandments and living in sin. So many mothers reject their own children and do not realize they are rejecting my creation my plan. So many today do not live holy lives. Satan is continuing to attack as many souls as he can. He is trying to deceive my people and many do not turn to me and trust in my love. Just as I prepared my disciples for my death and resurrection and laid down the path before them. So do my chosen sons need to prepare their flocks for you do not know the day or the hour when you will have to stand before me. My people you do not realize the way time is to me. So go forth and repent and turn back for I will not allow this world to continue on this same path. I will not allow this evil to continue for the hour is at hand. Many will still reject me even after they see their soul because they are so lost in the darkness. Continue to suffer for it is by your suffering that souls are being saved. Do not fear my child continue to share these words. Do not get discouraged when people mock you for in time all will know the truth. All will know that I suffered on the cross and it is by their own free will if they will be with me in heaven. Now go forth and do as I have asked and remember I am always with you. 

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