Words from Jesus
JULY 2003
My child, this is a time of great preparation.  You must not only prepare by cleansing your soul but also by putting food and water aside and my angels will lead you to your place of refuge.  My child, many will deny that a warning is coming.  Many will mock you for your willingness to follow my ways and not the world’s way.  These are the souls my child, that need the most prayer.  These are the souls that you must be willing to suffer for.  My child, in time their will be many who will ask you for direction and you must continue to witness my love to them and show them the way of the cross.  Their will be many in your own family who will mock you and say that these words are untrue but please dear child continue to suffer for them.  Those who suffer in this life will have a great reward in the next.  My child, do not become distracted because this mission you’ve been called to do is just beginning.  This world will shake and so many will be running and will not know the way.  My people your lack of prayer is not pleasing to me.  Your lack of respect for life is causing my wounds to bleed profusely.  Your unwillingness to follow my commandments is causing your souls to be in danger.  My people I have sent my mother and she continues to plea for sinners to repent.  My people my mother will not continue to warn my people much longer.  I will warn my people very soon and those who are willing to change their ways will be with me.  Those who continue with their selfish and sinful ways will burn for eternity.  One of the greatest sins is lack of respect for the body. Too many use their bodies in such sinful way that many souls are going to hell.  My people wake up and begin to prepare because your time of preparation will not be much longer.  My child, continue to carry your cross and walk the long road before you.  I will be with you always and will continue to open up new doors.  Now go forth and have peace and remember I am Jesus and I will continue to show you the way.

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