Words from Jesus
My child, go and give this message to My chosen sons. My chosen sons do not ignore My Mother’s words; do not stop the truth from being revealed.  You have allowed your brothers to step in and influence your thoughts and actions.  To many of My chosen sons have fallen into the ways of the world that they no longer know what the truth is.  My chosen sons the hour is at hand for you do not realize how important it is for souls to be saved.  Your sheep are lost; the world has stripped My people of following the Commandments.  I have sent My Mother with words for My people to wake up and get their soul in a state of grace before I shake this earth. Whoa to you chosen sons who chose to try and stop My Mother’s words, My words from flowing into the heart of the most hardened sinner.  Wake up dear chosen sons for your flocks need tended too.  I send My chosen messengers all around this world because the Gospel needs to be made known.  I send these messengers with words so that you to My sons can awaken for this is not a time of slumber.  Do you not realize you to will stand before Me.  Now open your heart and allow Me to lead you and not the world.  Allow My Mother’s words to speak to your heart instead of running in fear.  For I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first, the last the beginning and the end.  Do not try and step ahead of Me, rather trust.  Do not run for the evil one knows your areas of weakness.  Now listen, listen to My words and reach out and save souls, for the hour is upon you.  Now go forth and be at peace.

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