Words from Jesus
My child, do not fear these words I give you for I continue to place them in your heart.  My people listen to these words and then go out and witness them to your neighbor.  I created man and woman to join together through the union of marriage to become one with me.  My people if you are engaging together before marriage not only are you giving away your body but you are placing your soul in danger.  Too many today feel that they do not have to work to get to heaven. As I told you my people, you must turn to me for strength for you were not put on this earth to be served but to serve.  My people, continue to listen to all I am telling you for in time to come you will understand.  Mothers and Fathers continue to take hold of your families.  So many children today are influenced not by me but by the evil one. So many children do not know I exist and in times of trouble turn the wrong way and for many it is too late.  Prepare now my people for you see how the morals of this world are in danger. You see no respect for life, no respect for the body.  Each human being has been given a mission and if you are not turning to me and trusting in my love you will not be able to fulfill that mission for without me you have nothing.  My people, I continue to tell you to cleanse your soul often. For as this time of great cleansing comes you must be prepared because you never know if it will be your time of judgment.  My chosen sons it is important that you continue to prepare your flock because so many of them are lost.  It is important that my people prepare now for this world is about to see it’s hour of judgment. Wake up dear chosen sons for your flocks need to be tended to.  If you truly want to be my disciples then you must go out and assist your flock for there is no time for laziness.  My child, go forth with these words and let the world know I exist.  Continue to deliver these words to my chosen sons for there is a great need for my people to repent.  My child pray, pray and continue to be willing to suffer for poor sinners.  Now go forth and do as I have asked and remember I am with you, now go forth and have peace.

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