Words from Jesus
2012 Messages

9/30/12 (Message from the Blessed Mother)

My children, you are turning the wrong way. Instead of fixing your eyes on heaven you are placing them on a world that does not exist in eternity. What more can I say other than to heed to the love of my son. It is an eternal love that has permitted me to come and guide each one of you on the road to salvation.

Wake up my sleepy children for time is passing away and I will not be permitted to come forever. Use your time wisely because your true home is in heaven. Take my hand dear children and humble yourselves like little children so then your heart may be open to the gifts that my son desires to give you.

Cast away any pride because it is the wall that comes up between you and my son Jesus. Pride prevents the true light from penetrating your soul. Heed now my children for I am your heavenly mother who has come to guide you to your heavenly Father. My motherly blessing I give to you. Now go forth in prayer so that you can one day be with me in heaven.

6:59 PM

My child, the unraveling has begun for great disruption is soon to sweep throughout the world. My tears of mercy have been falling and yet few respond to My words of warning. Few heed to My mercy and the hand of justice can no longer be held back.

Come My children and turn to the Eucharist for I am there fully present Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. The graces that await you; and yet I ask what keeps you away? Do not sleep My children rather stay awake for the hour has come for you to truly be attentive.

Pray, pray from your heart and allow My hand to guide you on your way to salvation. Allow your heart to be united to Mine through the Sacraments and it begins through reconciliation. The world must reconcile itself to its Creator for I am Jesus. One by one I am calling you because one by one I formed you in your mother’s womb and it is the womb that is being destroyed by selfishness and sinfulness.

Come My children and reconcile yourselves for the world is unraveling unto its own sinfulness. Too many seek pleasure and not pain but it is your pleasures that are causing your souls to suffer. Look to the cross and you will find joy, peace and your true happiness for I am Jesus. I am love, joy and peace, come My children, come to Me for I am your peace in this world that has no peace. Now go forth and repent for the hour for the world has come for My mercy and justice will prevail.

7:25 PM

My child, I tell My people to give thanks to your Heavenly Father that out of His abundant love He is allowing this final hour of mercy to overflow upon the world. Do not be ignorant children for nothing of this world can prepare you for what is about to fall upon humanity.

It is through your faith and trust in Me for I am Jesus that will give you the strength to persevere. Worldly preparations cannot sustain you from the spiritual battle for the time has come to get down on your knees and bind your Rosaries in prayer for that is why My Mother has been coming. She has been coming to teach you and guide you on the road to salvation.

My Mother is your greatest intercessor to Me for I am Jesus. Listen! Listen to your Mother My children, for it is then that you are obedient to her son. The days are changing and rapidly the world is descending into the darkest of days. The earth is moaning the pains of labor and she is about to give birth to the sins that have driven humanity onto this path.

You are given one life, one soul and it is the hour to live in conformity to My Commandments. It is time to live out your vocation and not turn away because of your selfish desires. This world is changing and in the blink of an eye you will see My words open up before you.

You have been warned My children, warned out of love. I give man his free will and in that free will you are either complying fully to My Commandments without reservation or you are falling to the ways of the world. Live in the truth My children, for then you live in Me for I am Jesus and My mercy and justice will prevail.

2:30 PM

My child, it is through humility that the world will come to know of My mercy. It is through simplification that the world will be humbled. My Father sent Me to the world to hand over My Body and Blood in order to gain eternal life for each and every one of you.

It is time for My children to get down on their knees in prayer. Begin to pray that you do not stumble in bringing forth a leader that will not guide My people to live in the way that permits My name, permits prayer, permits the truth.

The world is soon to be at war for it is not only a war of nations but your financial collapse that will bring wars within the borders of your own country. The earth is rebelling My children to your multitude of sins.

Too many sin against marriage, sin against life. Satan has waged his battle and to many of you are being manipulated by his deceitful works. You cannot serve two masters and those who seek to will find themselves in abandonment to true peace.

The dividing line is being drawn. You are not immune to the same chastisements that were sent upon the world in the time of Moses. In the time that sin was spreading in Sodom and Gomorrah yet the world is in greater need of My justice now than it was then.

It is through My mercy that I come and warn you now that great change is coming because so many have failed to heed to My request. Prepare! Prepare My children for I am Jesus and My mercy and justice will prevail.

12:55 PM

My child, where are My children? I call out to each one of you by name because I am Jesus the Savior of the world, the one and only means by which you gain entrance into paradise.

Too many today are seeking to reconcile the wrong thing, they seek to reconcile money, power, image, yet what image do you give to the world? Is it an image that you are a man or woman of good morals? Are you a person that is a defender of the truth, of My Commandments?

I tell My children this; that unless you get down on your knees and repent and pray from your heart the world will continue to unravel due to its sinfulness. Too many stand by as those with a lack of morals seek to take the rest of humanity down into the tomb of darkness.

Do not allow Satan the glory and power to reign over your soul and escort it into his chamber of fire. Live the truth and then joy and peace will triumph. I come to you My people with a message of love, peace, and mercy all because My Father out of his infinite love has allowed this extended time of mercy that many are failing to take hold of.

Days of darkness are no longer on the horizon but are here at the beckoning of men and their prideful hearts. Money will become scare, food will be limited and justice will be brought forth in leaps and bounds.

You are given one life, one soul and you do not know the hour you will come and stand before your Creator. The divine plan has been infused upon each and every one of you, go forth an through the guidance of the Holy Spirit be the vessel that I have called you to be, to be executors of that plan.

I call the blind and the lame the rich and the poor. There is not one obstacle in your life that prohibits you from being distributors of My love and mercy, for being defenders of My Commandments by living them out.

Do not become an obstacle unto yourself for time is short and the cries of My mercy are soon to turn into the hand of justice for I am Jesus and My mercy and justice will prevail.

7:00 PM

My child, why do My children wait for more signs? Can their eyes not see that the earth is crying out for justice because My children have no mercy due to their prideful hearts. Arise My children for eternity is calling and you do not know the day or hour of My return. It is the hour to be attentive for the earth is shifting and many souls are falling into the ravine of eternal darkness.

My wounds are bleeding and My Mother continues to plead with the world to turn to the mercy of her son for I am Jesus. Come My children and begin to step away from worldly pleasures that only distract you and guide your soul away from Me.

War is soon to come, famine will be widespread. Shortages of food will come as your communication is impaired for the hour is here. You are being foolish sheep being guided by one who seeks to shepherd you with his deception because he is the prince of deception.

Go forth today and repent for if the world continues to turn away from My mercy, great justice will come. It is a justice the world has not seen for I am Jesus and My mercy and justice will prevail.

4:50 PM

My child, I ask My children why do you seek to repeat the sin of Adam and Eve? How many times do you eat the forbidden fruit? My children, I tell you not to get comfortable in this life by way of worldly things.

Everything you truly need is given to you by your Heavenly Father. Open your eyes to the truth for it is then that you will be prepared. I give you the grace that is necessary, yet so many continue to refuse My mercy. My children, there will be panic in the streets.

Many will seek to retrieve what little money they have as the financial collapse comes forth. One country and then to the next, My children will be crying tears of injustice as they see the greed that has taken over the hearts of their leaders. Do not be fooled by your markets as they seem today, for I tell you that they are not what they appear.

Mankind must turn to My mercy in order for peace to come forth. The battle is greater today than it was in the garden for Adam and Eve. Do not give Satan what is not his, which is your soul.

I am here to guide you My children. My pierced hands are extended out to you and are bleeding now for My children to return to Me. Heaven is your true home My children. Now go forth for I am Jesus and repent today for the hour of justice has come.

6:30 PM

My child, I come to My children with words of love. I come to My children as your King and Savior. I come to you as a Man who was a simple carpenter. I do not speak to you in words that you My children cannot understand.

There is but one book in which you are to follow and that is the Bible where you are to heed to the Gospel message. There are Ten Commandments which you are to obey in order to gain eternal life. It is man who complicates himself for I am a God of simplicity.

Open the Sacred Scriptures My children, and heed to the book of revelation. Woe to those who seek to toast themselves with glasses of earthly pleasures for they are about to be glasses of bitterness. Woe to those who refuse to turn to the truth and live it out for knowing it and turning away from it are of grave consequence.

I tell you My children that mankind is soon to be down on his knees at an hour he least expects. I continue to come and warn My children that the earth is responding to the depth of mans sins. The sun will warn mankind for all of nature responds to the command of the Divine Throne.

Nation upon nation will rise up against one another and then crumble due to their pride. Humility! Humility! Humility is the only way to peace. Hearts must convert to My mercy in order for peace to come.

You have become entangled by the great deceiver and greed and pride has become the root of all that is not working in harmony with Me for I am Jesus. There is a great imbalance in the souls of My people and discord will run rampant.

It is through justice that the world will begin to recognize My mercy. I give you many things to armor yourself, most especially the Eucharist which allows you to remain close to Me for I am Jesus and My mercy and justice will prevail.

8:15 PM

My child, I call My children to a time of prayer before Me in My Most Blessed Sacrament. My children, pray for those whose hearts have hardened to Me for their indifference pierces My heart.

My children, pray for those who are soon to be weeping for their cries will be heard all around this world. Mankind must begin to understand that he is on this earth to serve one master, one God and Father and not himself. The greatest fall of Adam and Eve was their lack of obedience to the one Commandment I gave them.

It is time to arise from your slumber My children for war is soon to spread though out the world. Israel will appear to be the fallen nation but will rise up again in the end. America will stumble with bringing forth a new leader as you My children will be reduced as a nation due to your greed.

I told you before that I can no longer warn in mercy to a world that seeks the hand of justice. Too many seek to build their houses on sand and not on rock and when you remove the Lord your God from My creation and demise My plan your ways will crumble. This earth will shake from one side to the next and the oceans will form new coastlines.

New diseases will spread and medicines will not aid in curing due to the murdering of My little ones through the sin of abortion. You cannot fight evil with evil. I warn you My children that Satan is on the prowl for he seeks your soul because he is no longer sufficed with the ones he has.

Come My children, through prayer and fasting you will gain many graces. I am Jesus the light of the world, the light that can never be extinguished. Stay close to Me in the Eucharist and keep My dwelling place clean and pure through reconciliation.

You would not desire for a guest to come to your home if it were dirty and unkempt then why do you desire that for your King and Savior? Open your eyes, open your hearts to Me for I am Jesus and My mercy and justice will prevail.

6:30 PM

My child, when My children say the words “we believe in one God the Father Almighty" they must truly live by what is commanded by My Father. You cannot say you believe if you are not striving to be obedient to the Commandments and live the Gospel message.

My children, you have much to inherit by following Me but woe to the foolish one that finds their paradise in the ways of the world. It is a world that is washing away, it is a world that is burying itself from the truth and without truth you have nothing for I am Jesus, I am the truth.

My children, I call you to a time of examining your conscience, a time where you can turn off the noise around you and spend time before Me in My Most Blessed Sacrament. I desire for you to speak to Me, and I to you. In order for you to come to know Me, you must come and visit with Me often for I already know you.

You are each a perfection of My creation. A perfection of the divine plan and the only thing that keeps from allowing the divine plan to be executed through you, is pride and a lack of humility. My children, the hour has come for you to come to Me and take refuge in My Most Sacred Heart for what is about to be executed upon the world by the just hand of My Father for I am Jesus and My mercy and justice will prevail.

3:00 PM

My child, up until now My children have failed to listen to My warnings. I tell you this: that the hour is now for justice will thunder and lightning will strike from the Divine throne and pierce the hearts of those who have failed to heed to My mercy, those who loath in obedience to My Commandments and relish in their sinfulness.

There will be no more not knowing the truth for the world will see the truth by way of My warning to mankind. Before this time I will shower My faithful with the graces necessary to live through this chastisement that is about to open up upon the world.

Pray My faithful ones. Pray for the conversion of sinners. Pray for those who remain lukewarm for they are the ones who pierce My heart greatly. My children, I must simplify to purify and I must purify to simplify. Your communications will cease and you will be brought to your knees in a way that only My Father can author. I do not send these words to cause fear; rather in a way that you will understand the greatness of My mercy; the greatness of My love for I am Jesus. Now go forth and prepare your hearts today for it is My mercy and justice that will prevail.

6:20 PM

My child, the darkness is growing thicker and My children are plunging further and further away from the light. Where are you going My children? Why do you desire to fall into eternal darkness? My children, there are consequences for your lack of obedience to My Commandments.

Grave punishment is soon to fall upon mankind. You are soon to witness a pronounced lack of jobs for unemployment will be widespread and bartering will become a way of survival as this earth begins to truly rock and tremble. Bloodshed will be upon the doorstep of America and Europe will be on its knees pleading for the mercy of your Savior for I am Jesus.

Pride and greed are your greatest fall My children. It is pride in your hearts that is enabling you to believe you are your own god. It was Satan's greatest fall too. Listen to the Gospel message for without Me you have nothing for you are an empty tomb.

The hour is closing in and I tell you now to turn away from these earthly pleasures for you are being lured by the greatest of deceivers. This earth is as temporary as the day you are in yet eternity is forever.

Come My children, come to Me for I am Jesus, repent and receive Me in the Eucharist and I will bring life into your soul and raise it from the empty tomb that it has been trapped in. Now go forth today and heed, heed to My warnings of love for it is My mercy and justice that will prevail.

7:43 PM

My child, I say to My children that mankind relies too much upon himself and it is there that you become the victim of your own sinfulness. Heed to the Commandments My children for they are your entrance into the kingdom.

I weep today My children but it is those who are failing to heed to My warnings that will weep tomorrow. The winds of spring will turn into the rising dust of summer as the world will begin to look more like a desert.

Before mankind is able to change the calendar of this time you will have witnessed the financial collapse. It is only those who heed to My warnings that will be prepared. The North will attack the South as the two Koreas become at war with each other.

Jerusalem will shake, America will fall and Russia will unite with China to become Dictators of the new world. I plead in warnings of love and mercy for I am Jesus and the hand of justice is soon to prevail.

7:15 PM

My child, the world is about to fold unto itself. I can only continue to weep at the lack of repentance. I can only continue to be scourged when I see so many souls failing to heed to My mercy.

Prepare for the greatest financial collapse is on the doorstep for mankind. I can no longer warn in love, rather allow My children to face the hand of justice. The earth will shake and I tell you to have your blessed candles in place for the light is soon to be extinguished.

I plead to My children to arise from this tomb of darkness that has consumed your souls for consciences will be pierced and even then few will repent. Your lives are soon to be forever changed for the course of humanity has turned and will never again return to be as you have come to know it.

It is time to get down on your knees and repent. Prayer and fasting is the means in which you will draw yourselves closer to Me for I am Jesus. I ask those who hear these words to begin to pray today for your brothers and sisters for many are soon to be caught off guard. Now go forth for I am Jesus and My mercy and justice will prevail.

6:59 PM

My chosen sons, I have given you the world, a world that is crumbling. I have called you to a vocation and yet vocations are crumbling. I look down upon My sheep and they are wandering for too many of My priests have been seduced by money, power and greed.

Where are you My sons? Are you prepared for the disruption that is about to enter My Church? Are you truly praying for the Holy Spirit to guide you, to guide My people or are you uttering words and relying too much upon yourself?

My sons, in order to be My true disciples you must enter into My Passion, Death and Resurrection for it must be a true and pure passion in your heart to live out your vocation and call out to your flock in a way that they will see Me through you.

When you say your prayers say them slowly and with much love and reverence. Heed to your vocation in a greater way for I am preparing you with the limited time that remains for what is about to enter into My Church. Which master is it that you seek to serve for the dividing line has been drawn? I come to you as your brother, your Master, your Messiah, your Savior. I come to you with Divine Mercy for I am Jesus and it is My mercy and justice that will prevail.

6:00 PM

My child, the blood of My wounds is gushing forth upon humanity as I continue to plea to My children to heed to My mercy. The financial collapse is at the door step of America. The hour has come that I will strip the pride that has taken over the hearts of men and they will come to see the Judas' that they have become.

Men will be stripped of their pride as I was stripped of My garments at My crucifixion. This is your hour My children for you do not realize the suffering that is upon your doorstep. My Mother is weeping, My wounds are bleeding and up until now you have failed to recognize My warnings.

Time and distance are no longer and as I have told you before when you see the Earth tremble in Jerusalem know that you have come into the hour of purification. America will suffer for its continuous greed and its pronunciation against My Commandments. You cannot seek things that are of Me and from Me as I am the only source of love and mercy if you seek to be the hand of justice by removing Me from your way of living.

The angels have been placed in their appointed positions and the wrath of fire will soon fall. The financial collapse will come as a tornado of justice that will come across one nation to another in the blink of an eye. Take heed today My children, for I am Jesus and My mercy and justice will prevail.

6:20 PM

My child, I am weeping, weeping for so many lost souls. I look down upon this world that is about to enter into its own passion because it has failed to heed to My pleas of love and abundant mercy. My children, it is only at the end of one’s time on earth that many come to see how removed they are from Me. They come to see that they served themselves and did not surrender to the cross.

I am weeping My children, I am weeping. My wounds are bleeding because My heart and body continue to be scourged by mankind's offenses. I ask My faithful that as you enter into this Holy Week to spend greater time in prayer and fasting. Unite yourselves to My Passion, Death and Resurrection before the rest of the world enters its own.

The dust of the earth will rise up. The ground will shake as it has not shook before and the earth will appear as though it has swallowed cities as fire springs forth. I tell you My children I am Jesus, I am your refuge. Now go forth and unite your tears to Mine. Bind your Rosaries and be on guard for the thief is coming and he has many companions. Be not afraid My children for I warn you in love and you will find refuge in My mercy for it is My mercy and justice that will prevail.

7:45 PM

My chosen sons, My Mother has been coming and preparing you for the time that you are entering into as My Church prepares for great crucifixion. My sons, your vocation will be tested. Your obedience to the truth will be tested. Your love for Me will be tested for I am Jesus.

Before this time I tell you that your flocks will come running. The floodgates of mercy will be overflowing as I seek to find you in the seat of the confessional. Listen to your mother for her time of visitation is limited and I tell you that she cares for each and everyone of you as she draws you closer to her son for I am Jesus. Prepare your flocks My sons and be a true shepherd from the pulpit. Guide My children in the direction of the truth by teaching the Commandments. This is the hour My sons now go forth for I am with you now more than ever for I am Jesus and My mercy and justice will prevail.

9:30 PM

My child, I tell My children do not put your faith in the world for the world is the devil’s den. If you seek to make your heaven on earth by living out your own commandments instead of mine, I tell you that there is a hell that will follow for all eternity.

My children, I am calling for you at a time when the world seeks your soul. I am reaching out My hands from the cross and tell you that it is time to repent. When the world seeks to fill you with anxiety and tells you that you can live a life of sin and that I am no longer needed for one’s salvation, I tell you to turn away from those who work on behalf of the fallen angel.

It is I Jesus who calms the wind when it is beating at your back. I am your refuge from this world, the world that put Me to death because it feared the truth; it feared mercy, miracles, salvation; a world that fears the Divine plan. My children, I am not the distributor of fear I am the Prince of peace for I am Jesus. Come take My hand and speak to Me as your brother, your counselor, your distributor of mercy.

Now go forth and take heed today for the world is soon to witness the results of turning away from My pleas. My Father created this world with one Divine plan, one Divine purpose that mankind is rejecting. The path that man has chosen in his free will is about to be rejected back to mankind. Hold your Rosaries and be vigilant, in prayer and fasting for I will protect My faithful ones for I am Jesus and My mercy and justice will prevail.

10:50 AM

My child, each and every soul is a contributor to the destruction of My creation. I call My children to this time of repentance. You live in the battle and the only way My children can sustain the battle is through Me, the Eucharist for I am Jesus.

I come to you My children to nourish you and feed you through the Gospel message, the Eucharist, the Sacraments. It is time My children to call upon the Holy Spirit to guide you and make better judgments in your lives; to not act in haste rather to choose a path of simplicity that will keep you less distracted by a sinful world.

Time is closing in My children and you are witnessing changes in the earth and within the universe that have not been witnessed by mankind before. Take heed and know that I have not abandoned you. As these changes come forth I am with you and tell you that you need to stay faithful to the Commandments; faithful in defending the truth; and in your witnessing and example. Listen to the sounds My children for there will come an hour when nature will go silent for even the animals know when to take refuge. Take heed and take refuge now My children and that refuge is in Me for I am Jesus and My mercy and justice will prevail.

7:45 PM

My child, I come to My children as your crucified Savior and say do you believe you can hold back the hand of justice? My mercy is pouring out and I am crying out to a world that remains more deaf today than on the day of My crucifixion. So many remain blind to their sinful ways that they fail to see the path they are headed down. They fail to see the darkness that has consumed their souls.

I am weeping profusely at the lack of trust My children have in Me. You My children are merely a grain of sand and I came for you, died for you and rose from the dead to welcome you into the gates of My Kingdom. Prepare your souls My children for fire will come forth, smoke will rise and the earth will shake as the hand of justice comes forth to awaken a world that has turned away from the truth for I am Jesus and My mercy and justice will prevail.

8:15 PM

My child, the time is coming when the earth will tremble and this hour is not far in the distance. It is a time when the world will be called to its knees. A time when rivers will rise over their banks and the flood waters will come.

Great panic will be heard as nations crumble. The hour is at hand My child; the hour is truly at hand. I tell My children it is time to take refuge in My Most Sacred Heart for I am Jesus and My mercy and justice will prevail.

10:30 AM

My child, take this time to write. Write for a broken world that can only be healed by My mercy. As time closes in on the world the enemy knows that his final hour is closing in. I share this with you so you can let the world know the great need for prayer.

I speak to you of praying in a way that you have not prayed before. In a way that brings My faithful into the desert, into the garden where My prayers did not cease. Witness now before your time of witnessing is silenced My children. Reach out to those in need and in love and mercy show them the face of their Savior.

I come to you My faithful ones and hastily tell you that it is time to get down on your knees and unite to the sufferings of your Savior. I am your armor for I am Jesus and My mercy and justice will prevail.

3:55 PM

My child, I tell My children My peace be with you. Pray My children, pray for your leaders, for My Church will not be martyred by governments that seek to rewrite the law of My Commandments. What is written is what is written that is where it begins and that is where it ends. I tell those who seek to be the Herods’ of these days that you have waged a battle between God and man and you do not realize who your thoughts and actions are being dictated by.

Woe to those who seek to wage this battle and call upon the hand of justice at a time they should be heeding to My mercy. I say to those who seek to take life away by authoring laws to do so, how many souls do you desire to be accountable for? The days of sunshine and bountiful fruits will turn into days of mountains falling, fields without harvest and the plague of sin wiping away continents of My people.

My children, you must come to see that you do not author your Heavenly Father. Turn away from sin and repent for the day of justice has not yet come. All can change through prayer but you must desire conversion. I come to you in love and warning as your crucified Savior for I am Jesus and My mercy and justice will prevail.

9:30 PM

My child, I tell My children that you cannot live the mission of your brother or sister. It is of no benefit to your soul to spend your time being consumed with jealousy and envy of the gifts that your brother or sister may have. My children I have told you before your heavenly Father know what is good for you and through those gifts you will achieve your mission in this world for the glory and honor of your Father in heaven.

Seek the treasure of heaven not the worldly treasures of your brothers and sisters. My children, the world will only be served the justice it is asking for when mankind continues to turn away from My mercy. My Father sent Me as a gift and I am ever present to you now as the day of My crucifixion for I am fully present in the Eucharist.

My children those who say they respect life then I say to you let that begin with respecting the life and gifts I have given you by obedience to My Commandments. Those who say that abortion is permissible then I say to you there is nothing permissible when you break the Commandments. You are not only destroying the life of the innocent you are killing the life of your own soul by placing it in the darkness of sin. Live in the truth My children for I am Jesus and My mercy and justice will prevail.

6:30 PM

My child, so many yearn for peace, but do not seek it in the right way. True peace comes from Me for I am Jesus. My child, when I walked this earth I was not exempt from the evil around Me. I came into this world as a wounded lamb knowing each day I was coming closer to those who would scourge Me, crown Me with thorns and hand Me over for crucifixion.

My children, I say to you in a way of love that you were created with a mission in this world. Each and every soul has been created for a divine purpose and if you are truly My disciple then you will embrace the cross.

You My children are not exempt from the evil around you. You walk the same earth that your Savior walked for I did not live in a foreign world rather the same one that was created for you to love and serve me. It is time My children to arise from your slumber for the same voice that summoned Lazarus from the tomb is calling you also. The same hands that healed the blind, the deaf and those filled with disease is extending My hand now to walk with you on the road to salvation.

I am Divine Mercy and My heart is pouring forth love to you that desires to bring you into the light of truth. Do not turn your souls over to the great deceiver that promises you a wealth of earthly pleasures in this life and tortures you in the fires of hell for all eternity. Come My children for you are each My precious one. Do not yearn for things that bring your soul into a tomb of darkness. Respond to My call dear children for I am Jesus and My mercy and justice will prevail.

10:55 AM

My child, there is a great discord in the hearts and souls of My children and that discord is only filtering into the way in which the universe cycles itself. Each and everything was created with the purpose to assist man in order for man to serve his Heavenly Father. My children, there is only one God, one Father and it is through the mercy of his Son for I am Jesus that you will gain eternal life.

I look down upon My children and see that so many gifts are not being accepted. Many are seeking to serve themselves by refusing the good that your Father in heaven has sent you. You are each contributors to the divine plan. My Father sent Me as a gift to you My children. He sent Me with a purpose that allowed no refusal from Me rather through love and obedience I came for you to pour out My mercy.

I shed My body and blood so that through the Eucharist you can sustain yourselves to fulfill your mission in this world. Open your eyes, open your hearts and allow the words in which I spoke to you through the Gospel message to not only penetrate your ears but also your hearts so that you may fulfill your part of the divine plan. That you may use the instrument of gifts your Father in heaven has designated for you. Go forth My children and cleanse your soul and renew your hearts to the mercy of your Savior for I am Jesus and My mercy and justice will prevail.

6:30 PM

My child, I tell My children that I am your hope, I am the truth for I am Jesus. My children, I am the light that came into the world in order for you to have eternal life and I am the light that can never be extinguished.

My children, rejoice for all the evil in the world cannot claim you if you trust in Me for I am here to guide you to heaven. Today is a new day, a day to awaken and not to look back at all the things that you have done that removed you from Me rather enter into this new time with renewed joy and hope in your hearts.I already came and paid ransom for the sins in which you have and will commit. Look into your hearts and realize the true meaning of your Baptism. If you desire to look back it should only be to repent of the things in which you have not asked Me for My mercy. Each day should be a renewal of your Baptism for you are each My children and the only desire of My heart is to embrace you at your hour of day to be with Me in paradise. Come to Me My children, come and fix your eyes upon living the truth for I am Jesus. Now go forth in peace for it is My mercy and justice that will prevail.

11:45 AM (From the Blessed Mother)

My chosen sons, You are my beloved ones called upon by the Almighty to use your hands to do His work on this earth; to use your hands to consecrate the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of my son Jesus; to caress His tender body that paid ransom for the sins of mankind; to elevate Him in the Mass to be glorified in heaven and on earth; to use your voice to be one with His so that you guide your flocks to be obedient to the Commandments and to exemplify the truth which continues to be removed in this dark world.

My sons, I as your mother call to you now in a way that I have never called before. Remain united to the truth and the Church which is under great attack. Through your prayers and your obedience to the Holy Father, together we will defeat the enemy that desires to obtain souls that will lead them into eternal darkness. Pray for your flocks my sons, for I am here to assist each one of you as your heavenly mother by way of obedience to my son Jesus.

11:30 AM (From the Blessed Mother)

My daughter, I ask My children to open their hearts to my son. I ask them to truly take time in prayer to see all the goodness that my son desires for your lives but too many are seeking to be their own god.

My children come to my son and in adoration of the suffering that He went through for your salvation offer to Him all your trials and sufferings. Heaven is only obtained through merits of a humble heart. Surrender yourselves today to the will of your Heavenly Father.

Unite your hearts to the plan that my son is soon to deliver upon this sinful world. Keep your eyes fixed on Him so that through Him and with Him you may obtain the grace necessary to suffice you for the times to come. I come my children with the mantle of my love and tenderness as your mother to call you back to the light of truth which is my son Jesus.